Newly discovered easter egg creeps out CSGO players

The Easter egg newly discovered in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is quite strange and players finding it on Cache can not get rid of it.

On October 2019 Cache received a massive upgrade, which changed how players approach the classic site. Besides a lot of updates on its construction, the devs were added to a number of oriental eggs not seen there before.

Audio file that is activated when players enter the Sunroom is apparently implemented in Valve and stands as close as possible to the chain-link barrier across the map boundary.

Sunroom turns on the willing audio file in CSGO in front of the playground.

“Audio files will be played when you go to Sunroom and look at the new cache playground,” explained Reddit user’ OwangeSquid.’ “It turns out that it is kids ‘ laughter when it has pitched five octaves. It is not a difficult easter egg to trigger, but it is undoubtedly a noisy bird-chirp in the field that hides the sounds of the wonderful children in action that leaves them ignorant of the sound sequence.

In reality, OwangeSquid was wondering too when they first heard the audio file in the playground–before their friend snatched some.

“It kind of freaked me when I first realised what I heard,” explained user ‘ Hado-‘ when the easter egg had been found. “Something like this is something that makes me a bit interested in hunting some Easter eggs on other maps as I found it.” After realising the official map for the Cache description the audio becomes even more crepuscular and shows players fighting to securing a “hidden arms cache under Chernobyl.”

(warning: Quiet music) Valve does not search for an abandoned playground for the first time in crepitous audio. Half-Life 2 allows players to hear the kids scream and laugh, despite similar rustedness and degradation in the area.

Nevertheless, CSGO’s easter egg is not a standard feature for the Multiplayer FPS of the business since it takes a more robust design approach.

Happily, when you’re driving through Sunroom past the deserted playground, Cache’s phantom children’s noises do not interrupt you from the game.