Christine Thurmond announced as Draftkings ‘Responsible Gambling lead’

With the appointment of Christine Thurmond as Chief Gaming Officer, reporting to Chief Compliance Officer Tim Dent, DraftKings also contributed to his internal compliance community.

Thurmond is responsible for extending DraftKings ‘ current ethical gaming systems through igaming, sportsbooks and the emerging world of esports betting sites.

From her most recent role as a Senior Business Contributor at the Compulsive Gambling Council of Massachusetts (MCCG), she spent nearly 20 years working at Harvard Medical School in different positions of management, including in the original team which formed the Division of Addictions. Thurmond joins DraftKings.

Thurmond directed the management of education and research and contributed to the development of several gaming-related projects, during her term as a member of the’ Division of Addiction.’

“We wanted to find a strong specialist with a thorough understanding of the issues and a record in driving our industry forward, and this is Chrissy,” Dent says. “We tried to find a Director of Responsible Gaming.” We are committed to leading a responsible game and, as a technology company, we believe Chrissy can help DraftKings to adopt an innovative approach to this key problem. “The company offers clients the responsive gaming tools, resources and services they need to play responsibly in their responsible gaming commitment.

These include limitations on deposits, voluntary restrictions on access and use of certain offers, temporary self-exclusion and refreshment and permanent voluntary exclusion.