PUBG Mobile roster announced for Omen Elite

Omen Elite has officially announced their latest PUBG Mobile Roster for all upcoming tournaments, the North American regional devoted in mobile gaming. Omen Elite was third in the 2019 PMCO North American Fall Split Finals but failed to finish 20th in the Global Finals. After their unfortunate performance, a few changes to the roster were expected.

Omen Elite opted to keep three of its existing players and make two new squad members. The following is the current roster:

  • Kevin “ZOOTAY” Huang – IGL / Support
  • Karim “KARNAGE” Edward – Scout
  • Dayvon “WIFI” George – Fragger
  • Nicholas “NIKO” Soldatos – Starter
  • “Telli” – Starter

With NIKO, a former PUBG Mobile team player, Squad Tempo Storm, OMEN Elite looks more promising now. At the PMCO preliminary round, they placed beautifully in the fourth place. Zootay has long been stuck with Omen Elite and has been performing impressively throughout various events.

Telli is comparatively new to the scene, but he tweeted to demonstrate his excitement to be able to play with this roster and promised a 100% commitment. The company is now poised to wave through the dynamic scene of PUBG Mobile.