New esports betting platform ‘Puntt’ aims to launch first betting pools

Puntt will launch a new esports betting platform in February to provide the first ‘esports betting player performance’ markets. They also aim to compete against other established esports betting sites.

The startup was created by the five-member RPGG Media’s Liverpool development studio, a team that seeks to provide productive components for sports betting across vertical B2C and B2B networks.

Based on the Puntt mission statement, RPGG Media is led by Phil Adams, a former Race CEO and his team of ‘pool betting experts,’ who feel that it is important to connect the esports world with betting markets to leverage traditional wagering elements based on individual players rather than teams.

Puntt will become the first company for esports wagering with the combination of old and modern trends to launch player-centred CSGO wagering bag markets, which, in addition to the more anticipated main sports games, is soon followed by the Dota 2 pools.

Puntt would allow bookmakers to improve inventories of sports by delivering ‘bets on player performance’ and opening markets for a single achievement, such as most kills–in-play complexities that incumbents have found difficult to sell.

Preparing for Puntt’s February launch, Adams said: “Puntt’s player betting offering is unique in the esports betting industry. These are tricky markets to price and can leave operators with large liabilities in a market where the customer is often better informed.”

ICE London 2020 next week will be organised by a $250,000 CSGO tournament produced in partnership with GG.BET by esports wagering solutions provider DATA.BET.

In addition, London-based esports bookmaker Midnite announced this January that it raised $2.4 million of risk capital supported by Betfair and GVC Holdings executives. The stakes are high in 2020, when esport is turned into a major market for investment.