Pittsburgh Knights agree partnership with Coke Energy

The first esports team in Pennsylvania is proud to be able to name Coca Cola as its new sponsor. For the launch of their new drink, Coke Energy the Pittsburgh Knights partner with the behemoth brand.

Coke Energy was released recently by Coca Cola to try to get into the energy drinking market. Energy drinks are long known for their distinct and developed taste as the favoured form of beverages for esports fanatics.

Coca Cola gets things going, making an energy drink that looks like its famous, signature soft drink with 114 mg of caffeine and B-vitamins. The drink is available in four different varieties–Coke Energy, Cola Energy Zero, Cola Energy Cherry and Coke Energy Cherry Zero.

“We are very excited to share the Coke Energy news with our followers,” says Knights President James O’Connor. “We know how much the esports world loves its energy drinks. “This partnership with our team from Rocket League is a perfect beginning. There will be a lot to come in 2020 and we really want to partner with Coca Cola!”

Coke Energy will be underlined by the knights with its highly rated Rocket League team game collection. In season 9 of the Rocket League series, which will run between 1 February and end of March. The Knights will head off to the end of the season on a roadshow by Coke Energy to several places in Sheetz to enjoy the new drink and meet players.

Sheetz is also a champion member of the Pittsburgh Knights and a trusted retailer of Cock Energy and one of the fastest-growing family business chains in America.