Latest CS:GO update brings big changes to various maps

Valve announced the latest CSGO Update, and will certainly impact the competitive scene.

This update changes Cache, Studio, Train, Mirage and Dust 2 multiple areas. Given that Cache and Studio are not currently in the active map pool and are based mostly on optimisation, bug fixes and usability, the remaining three maps are shielded.

The key point of discussion is the opened skybox around ivy which will allow nads to be thrown from the players on the T side of ivy to the A location. The train also found changes and bug fixes.

Dust 2 also saw a modification to skybox that allows players to throw grenades in the site B tunnels, which is certain to have a significant impact on those who want to protect the site.

Mirage has the most changes with an adapter connecting a bench to it so that players can leap to the windows and raise angles to both windows and pet. The top of the middle was further broadened, the trim was lowered on the B balcony and a jump peek blocked, enabling people on B to see cat. Finally, with an AWP, Valve has the ability to build a wall bang to the near cubby.

You will read the complete patch notes below:

– Various visibility improvements
– Optimizations
– Various minor bug fixes
– Updated radar

– Fixed players not taking damage from bomb detonation
– Clipping improvements
– Improved visuals of CT / T streets
– Various minor bug fixes

– Opened up skybox over building separating Ivy/A site
– Various visibility improvements
– Various minor bug fixes

– Opened up skybox from B halls towards site

– Added AWP wallbang spot from palace to scaffolding close corner, A site
– Added bench in mid allowing jump up to window boost spot/peek towards cat
– Widened T entrance to mid
– Lowered trim around B site balcony
– Blocked a jump-peek from middle of B site towards cat


– Increased the size of HLTV broadcast server info message, controlled by a new setting “tv_broadcast_server_info_message_size_kb”.
– Added a setting spec_xray_dropped_defusers to show xray outlines on dropped defuse kits.
– Added a setting spec_xray_dropped_unoccluded to always xray dropped C4 and defuse kits.
– Game state integration now allows to control precision of reported floating point values using an additional configuration section:
“precision_time” “1”
“precision_position” “2”
“precision_vector” “2”