Is Cloud 9 returning to Dota 2?

The Esports Observer announced that Cloud 9 is planning to field a Dota 2 team, a source familiar with this case told them. The release, which could be made early next week, is the fourth foray into the series, the last being in 2017. The announcement is now online.

The return of Cloud9 to Dota 2 is at a time when the “four” major sports companies have seen substantial changes leading up to the 2020 season. Counter-Strike: A number of high-profile organisations have leapt to the game during the worldwide attack, while slots have been sold and teams promoted in the League of Legend Championship Series (LCS).

The last two Dota 2 International’s and one hundred Thieves have been extended to CS: GO squads like OG, Dota 2 force and champions. As a result of racism claims made against the owner of the group by a member of the ownership group, Echo Fox left LCS for a forced sale imposed by Riot Games on the organisation, with its spot acquired by Evil Geniuses.

Organizations are looking for the best way to leverage the awards they can invest in by incorporating competing teams to their individual approaches. Während Cloud9 players in League of Legends, summary, CS: GO and many other games play, Dota 2 is a competitive area, where good teams can succeed with prize money financially. In 2019, more than 88 players received a six-digit bonus alone with an extra 33 over $35k raised.

According to Esport Earnings, Dota 2 was the No. 1 esports for prize money allocation in the period 2013 to 2018 and was worth $164 million over this period. Despite finding over 64 million dollars in 2019, Fortnite also set a record of the largest prize money ever awarded at a single event at 34 million dollars.

In 2014, Valve Corp., developer of Dota 2, laid the foundation for this large payout by introducing a crowd-sourcing campaign that would help to boost the price of its premier event, The International.
Although specifics of Cloud9 players ‘ signing are sparse, it has extensive talent development experience.

As Cloud9 was first added to Dota 2 in January 2014, members of the previous Speed Gaming team were captured by the organisation. This roster featured players such as Mao Jacky ‘ EternaLEnVy,’ Kurtis ‘ Aui 2000’ Ling and Åström Johan, who placed 5th/6th at the 2014 International and took over $655 K home for the win. After the International, the team will disband following raising over $1 M for the year.

In 2015, Johan “N0tail” Sundstein and Rasmus “MISERY” Filipsen will be joined by Ling and Åström. The pair will gain moderate success. The Club won over $546k in 5th and 6th position at Dota 2 Championships in Asia and 9th and 12th in The International 2015.

When the Danish Bears squad was purchased, after its disbandment in 2015, Cloud9 would not launch another team until 2017. Cloud9 has struggled to reach the 13th-16th spot of the International 2017 and brought home just over $500 K for the year, a squad that saw Ling, Åström and Mao return. After The World, the team would again disband.