Thousands battle for Betway’s Aim Challenge Record

More than 120,000 people have taken the new map of the Betway esports Aim Challenge 2.0, do you think you can crack a 39-second record?

A 39-second record is time to break the newest CS:GO, a regional offensive map released in December 2019, in Betway’s Aim Challenge 2.0. More than 120,000 players have downloaded it.

The new map checks the performance of the players in four locations and allows each other to complete a different skill in the quickest time.

In partnership with the Ninja elite esports teams in Pyjamas, Made in Brazil and BIG, the leading online bookmaker has produced videos of their matches on the new map.

The winner sets the fastest times over the static and moving objectives which prove to be of the highest level in the game. The average time is 45 to 50 seconds for a pro player. They require an impressive objective and great mechanical ability to succeed.

This is Betway’s third CS:GO map after Target Challenge and Aim Time Trial’s enormous success.

“Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a fan favourite within the esports community. Millions of impressions and over 400,000 individual downloads were presented in the previous version of Aim Challenge 2.0. You want to test out the new map yourself? Betway are excited to see what record times are set.