GGBet’s Ice Challenge Betting Odds and Preview

The two bottom teams from each group are heading for the Spring Showdown, and four more are to be announced later in these six divisions. Those ten teams are grouped into two five classes, but no details on the structure of the clash are yet available.

CS:GO ICE Challenge 2020 is a very critical upcoming esports event. The event attracts 8 teams and provides several incentives for betting on CS:GO for those who like to gamble. The game will be attended by world-class athletes such as Natus Vincere, mousesports and the ENCE, and this will not be skipped. The classes and the ICE Challenge 2020 betting options are discussed in this article.

Two phases of CS:GO ICE Challenge is to be completed. There are two groups in the Group Stage. The winner advances to the Semifinals in each of these classes. The teams from 2nd and 3rd place move up to the 4th. Five matches are played at Playoffs Level. Bo3 is all of them. With classes, the same Bo3 format is also used. Except here, the competitive format is GSL (double elimination) instead of single disposal.


  • Heroic
  • MAD Lions
  • mousesports
  • pro

Mouse games, Heroic and MAD Lion are the main candidates in this party. As for, while they have a great roster now, they were demolished at their latest tournament and therefore my trust in them is at present quite low.

Mouse sports are the major favourite to win this race. They won 3 titles at their last four events and lacked their momentum in the Grand Final. And four out of four tournaments finals. And neither have these been small events. I can say that mouse sports will likely win CS:GO ICE Challenge 2020 based on those tests.


  • ENCE
  • Natus Vincere
  • OG

Group B will be tougher in fighting for the top three places than Group A. And this is because all four teams are good or have some strong players at least. The bottom is OG, but because they are a new team. All know the OG organisation in Dota 2, which became the first to win two international (World Championships) teams in the history of the game.

Today, though, they also want to beat CS:GO. ENCE and Natus Vincere are the two big favourites in this party. Both could win, although in this competition Na’Vi has potentially a little edge because of the best CS:GO player in their pool all of the time. S1mple is definitely thirsty again for success. His latest title came just 9 months ago, presumably a guy of his calibre, like immortality.

Having recently benched GuardiaN and bringing a rather unknown player called Perfecto, is the main problem for Na’Vi. What the Russian 24-year-old can do to help his squad remains to be seen.
Initially, the betting options for the ICE Challenge 2020 will be the following four:

  • mousesports vs. MAD Lions: 1.24 – 3.87
  • pro vs. Heroic: 1.75 – 2.03
  • Natus Vincere vs. GODSENT: 1.14 – 5.32
  • OG vs. ENCE: 2.46 – 1.52

By far, the best betting chance for the ICE Challenge 2020 is the first, purely because mouse games are almost sure to win their Bo3 match against MAD Lions. At the same time, a bet against Na’Vi is probably worthwhile. The squad could crumble under pressure due to their recent changes in the roster.

The GG Bet and GG.Bet Ice Challenges are in the spotlight as the competition unfolds. The whole game is protected and CS: GO betting odds are given for each match.