CSPPA announce dispute over ESL Pro League invite

The CSPPA issued a statement of frustration over the lack of contact about the ESL Pro League updates, saying that they “will do all they can” to press for more inclusiveness. In the past week, after its ESL Pro League team announced on 24 January, ESL tournament organiser (TO) was pushed into the spotlight.

The expected 48-team League has been reduced to 24, with teams qualifying and awaiting a spot to get their hands off into second-level Mountain Dew League.

Players and experts alike were expecting a CSPPA statement and on January 27, hours before ESL issued its own apology. Players and experts expressed their views.

CSPPA is one of Counter-Strike’s most known pro players.

In the statement, the CSPPA Board of Astronauts Andreas’ Xyp9x’ HĂžjsleth, Chris’ chrisJ’ de Jong and Jonathan’s EliGE’s Team Liquid ‘ Jablonowski said ESL’s handling of the situation was against ESL’s mission.

“CSPPA pursues collective agreements with TOs who see pro players as equal negotiating partners and are willing to deal with real rights and influence with their leagues,” they said.

The union admitted not having enough influence to change business decisions within TOs while trying to negotiate the most appropriate terms.

“However, the CSPPA can not control business decisions and details of such ligaments,” they said. The CSPPA, which has over 100 player members since the start of its 2018 operation, expressed frustration at ESL’s handling of Pro League’s shrinkage.

“It included the number of TO’s, the structure of teams, how the TO joins teams in its league, and how the TO manages contact in this regard.” “The way ESL handled its EPL changes communication is a disappointment for us,” they said.

“To keep the competitions and tournaments as open as possible, we have worked hard… and will continue to do what we can to ensure that all players affected have the best chance to compete for the EPL and other leagues.

The Union also said that they were not only negotiating with teams, but also with the entire CSGO community and encouraged fans to be cautious while building a better future for the team.