MPL and SOSTRONK partners for CSGO tournaments

Mobile Premier League is India’s largest sports gaming network for players to participate in different mobile competitions based on their skills and earn cash. MPL continues to expand and constantly add new games. The MPL has recently announced plans to include CS: GO on its website and have cooperated with the largest CS:GO company in India, SoStronk.

SoStronk and MPL have once more collaborated to deliver tournaments for CS: GO after their successful collaboration to arrange tours for PUBG Mobile and FreeFire.

Each SoStronk user can begin playing CS: GO event games for cash awards by means of an MPL, and players can use the MPLCSGO40 coupon code to subscribe to MPL apps and get 40 cash bonuses to play in the 1. CSGO tournaments as part of an introductory game. The coupon code is available for quick action only until midnight.

How do I play?

Step 1: You need a legitimate SoStronk account with SteamID to compete at MPL CSGO tournaments. Please create an account at https:/ if you have not already done so. You need to have an MPL account and the software on your phone enabled. You can download the MPL app from https:/

Step 2: 5 minutes prior to the tournament beginning you can obtain the server information for your registered tournament.

Step 3: You can log on to the SoStronk software on your mobile in order to join the list. Before starting CSGO, make sure you log in and run the app. You can start the game once logged in.

Step 4: Open a CSGO console and type the connect command to the server, followed by the IP.