CS:GO B Site Tournament teams revealed

According to a report by ESPN, all members of the B site are as follows, Cloud9, MIBR, Dignitas, Gen. G, MAD Lions, and former CR4ZY, will have joined the B Site CSGO Tournament, which is scheduled to start in March.

Some of the most famous companies in North America worked with the FACEIT B Site League to acquire CS:GO’s highly skilled talent in 2020.

The competing ESL Pro League is led by Brazilian MIBR fan favourites and the newCloud9 team. ESL invited all teams to play in the league, but refused to offer the tournament organiser or did not respond

The reinvented Dignitas roster of Ninjas from alumni of Pyjama Patrik’ f0rest’ Lindberg, Christopher’ GeT RiGhT’ Alesund, and Adam’ friberg’ Friberg are also among six ESPN players.

MAD Lions are one of six FACEIT Site League teams.

Previously signing on with B Site were Gen. G, MAD Lions and ex-CR4ZY (now c0ntact). The sport has currently a 2 million dollars franchising fee, allowing teams access to the revenue share scheme and also supplying participants with a percentage of all money gained by the new league.

In keeping with the Duncan ‘ Thorin ‘ Shields tweet, more teams are drawn up via an online qualifier with over’ six figures.’

Although it is not known whether other teams are supposed to be invited or whether the available slots were filled with invitations, the league ends with about 10 or 12 teams.

After a week of disagreements between the ESL and the administrators of the B location, the team announcement comes. On 24 January the ESL revealed a new format to the 24 teams that were invited to Pro League Season 11.

At the time of the announcement, though, no team had officially signed up with Thorin cutting half of its originally scheduled 48 slots for the big event with the tournament manager, leaving those teams to slap dry.

“In light of the unethical and unprofessional behaviour of ESL over their EPL dealings I won’t be working with their org under any circumstances until the people responsible are named and fired or leave the company,” he stated.

The word “pathetic.” even called out the ESL by players like Oleksandr’ s1mple’ Kostyliev. B’s Site League will be held in L.A. sometime beginning in March.

Some of the most known stars in CS: GO will be featuring including Auguste ‘ Semmler’ Massonnat and Anders Blume. It will also be the first CS: GO casting of Christopher “MonteCristo ‘ Mykles.”