Will LPL take place, following coronavirus outbreak?

Ran says that the LPL will be postponed by further warning in a Weibo article translated by Chinese esports journalist. They are now pausing for the Lunar New Year, but as long as the virus stays at risk, the pause will continue

“We’ve decided to postpone LPL Week 2 until we can make sure that our players and fans are safe and healthy.”¬†LPL said in a statement.

Stay safe and thank all of you for your assistance!”The LPL has an extremely busy season now, playing games every seven days a week, so that this disruption brings additional stress to the players. Inven Global reports on this report and changes it when more detail is obtained.

UPDATE: The delay was also announced by LPL English Facebook, which has not provided details on the start date yet. There was a recent rumour, though, that most of those details were deleted from Facebook, of a potential delay until April.

An additional tweet was tweeted by Ran saying “General Administration of Sport has advised pausing all sports events before April,” which likely includes the LPL. Following an update from LPL, we will provide additional information.