TFT 10.2 has been jam-packed with ‘incredible buffs’

Riot Games has undergone tremendous improvements with Rise of the Elementals in its development, which make Teamfight Tactics much better at the end of the game.

Here is an overview of the key changes that have been made with the 10.2 updates: Riot buffers seven items in TFT, providing players with more equipment options later.

Bloodthirster’s Lifesteal products (40%-50%) and Hextech Gunblade’s products (25%-33%) have a massive buff, providing heavy heroes and a means of health regeneration.

The newly added Bramble Vest comes with a little more damage in the defence pieces (from 80/120/160 to 100/140/200) while the Iceborn Gauntlet now has a longer delay (from 1.5 to 2.5 seconds).

Shadow champions are now more professional in raising Malzahar’s poor health (between 250/250/250 and 250/300/400), as well as in Veigar’s spell damage (between 300/600/90 and 325/650/975).

Although the bulk of the champions were reinforcements, the latest Lunar champions earn some nerves with fewer risk reductions in the Leona scale (40/90/140 to 40/80/120) and Karma with less off-speed reinforcement in earlier levels (60/70/80 to 40/60/80).

All – in Riot, however, had to buffer feature bonuses. The murderers now have more vital (50% /150% to 65%/225%) damage, whilst the 6-stack of guards now have a 999% armour bonus. In the latest Woodland 6 stack that copies all Woodland units, Riot also added an insane use for Woodland Lux.

In respect to improvements in the quality of life, the PvE preparation rounds are now only 20 seconds long. This is an average of about five minutes per game in a regular match of six rounds.

In 10.2 Riot also ended the programme of looting. Currently, loot boxes are of less value, removing the 4-gold drop from the big box for the little box and the 7-gold drop. Even with this reduction the RNG limit has been adjusted by Riot to eliminate the worst cases for item losses and allows you at least one item for each bottleneck.

Full pieces are now significantly less likely to lose you in the same PvE-rounds as two full items. The probability of Force of Nature is on the carousel, even “drastically decreased” by violence.
See the full patch notes here for more information on the 10.2 updates.