Riot Games announces four new sponsors for LEC 2020 tournaments

The LEC has attracted a number of sponsors since it opened its season. The partners for the 2020 LEC season will be Logitech G, Warner Music, Tchibo and Beko. New sponsor AKRacing, who will be chairing the players for the 2020 season, will join the returning sponsors.

Tchibo is one of the biggest European distribution firms and retails returning as regional partners to the DACH zone (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland). In addition to supporting fan favourite “mechanical show” each week, Logitech G will return as an official supplier of the LEC and will sell keyboards, mice, and mousepads.

The LEC as its Official Music Partner for the LEC 2020 Season will be replaced by Warner Music. Between breaks and weekly shows, Warner Music will continue to play and to see how it can improve the LEC experience through a material, live performances and broadcasting.

As Official Domestic Providers for Spring and Summer Break, the multinational house appliances company Beko returns. LEC worked with Beko in 2019 on its series “Eat Like A Pro.” Beko is now the LEC’s new after-game interview partner, in addition to content creation in 2020.

In an official press release, Riot Games EU Head of Sponsorships & Business Development Alban Dechelotte stressed the importance of long term partners in the dream of the LEC: ”

“We’re humbled by the fact that so many of our partners from 2019 have chosen to renew their trust in the LEC in 2020. We believe in building long-term partnerships, which set the basis for a strong and sustainable LoL esports ecosystem in Europe”. 

The 2020 LEC Spring Split begins in Berlin at p.m. local time on Friday 24 January.