Expensive and Beautiful CSGO Skins

Everyone knows that the link between skins and csgo betting is an important one. And one that keeps the money flowing into our amazing game.

Are you one of the lucky winners who have some serious money to spend on upgrading your gear. Or do you just want to dream about what might be in the future?

We have compiled a list of not only five of the most expensive skins, but they are also deadly beautiful as well. It’s easy to be blinded by just prize when browsing, but remember you also want something that will be by your side in game after game, kill after kill.

Without further delay, we give you the winners:

1 Bajonett (★) | Crimson Web (Prize

Look at those amazing spiderweb patterns, solid handle and a crimson color that
would make knifing someone the most satisfying thing you have ever done in a cs

Prize: $1500 ( steam market link )

2 Sport Gloves (★) | Superconductor

The other skin that you just won’t find cheap are gloves, but with something as
beautiful as these superconductor gloves that won’t be a problem. Its just sad there
aren’t hacking available in-game. But defusing the bomb should feel like a breeze
once you get your hands in these gloves. (If it doesn’t fit, you must aquit)

Prize: $1700 ( steam market link )

3 M4A4 | How

m3a4 skin

You’ve always known you had a Tiger inside you. Finally, you can have the skin to show
it. With a majestic howl unleash the beast within! No one will be able to stand in
your way.
The stripes, the flaming jaws, everything here screams fierceness.

Prize: $1300 ( steam market link )

4 AK-47 | Wild Lotus

ak 47 skins

Okay you stupid hippies lets see which flower-power is the most powerful. A really
nice and relaxing teal background highlights the lotus flowers. Who knew shooting
head-shots could be such a tranquil experience.

Prize: $1300 ( steam market link)

5 AWP | Medusa

AWP Skins

You might not be able to turn your enemies into stone just by them looking at you.
But if they do so for more than a fraction of a second with this weapon in your
hands, they will not be counted among the living.

One of the best colour choices we have seen, the snakes coiling along your barrel
could make anyone look more at the weapon than the game.

Prize: $1400 ( steam market link )

If these skins are a bit above what your wallet can handle, why don’t try out one of the
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