DreamHack Leipzig 2020 Odds and Tournament Preview

One of the first CS:GO tournaments of the New Season is DreamHack Open Leipzig. This esports DreamHack event brings together eight teams, mostly level 2, and offers them the opportunity to compete for a total of $100,000 prize pool.

If you would like to watch the DreamHack Open Leipzig tour and read more about it, note that the event will take place from 24 to 26 January in Leipzig, Germany. The match will begin at approximately 11 am in the morning (CET).

The following teams include DreamHack Open Leipzig:

  • BIG
  • North
  • Renegades
  • Virtus.pro
  • Heroic
  • MAD Lions
  • Cloud9
  • Sprout

Only MAD Lions and Cloud 9 are relatively unknown among these teams. The others are all big names, although they were not. The greatest chance of winning is on paper Virtus.pro, North and Heroic. Nonetheless, in the last four or five weeks, we must see what changes have occurred. Next season changes in teams and players often carry with them and while some improve in strength, others go the other direction.

Leipzig Open DreamHack presents awards for $100,000. The money is spent in the following way between the 8 teams:

  • 1st place: $50,000
  • 2nd place: $20,000
  • 3rd – 4th place: $10,000
  • 5th – 6th place: $3,000
  • 7th – 8th place: $2,000

Two stages take place at Dreamhack Open Leipzig.

The teams are split into two groups of four for this level. The GSL (double-removal) format is implemented for each group. The matches are played and won by Bo1. Removal and match-making will be Bo3. Each team leads the next two teams to the Playoffs.

Team BIG

BIG is currently a shadow of its past. They are number 46 in the world ranking. They were eleventh just one year before. Nonetheless, this is the kind of stuff when you begin to make drastic improvements in the roster.

The only result for BIG in 2020 at the IEM XIV European Open Qualifier #2 World Championship was 17th –32nd. Do not expect that BIG will do well at this esports competition, in other words. In the group stage, they are most certainly excluded.

Team North

North had a brief moment of top 10 glories in 2019 but now they’re back to a lower rank. On HLTV, they’re sitting at number 21. One of the key things to keep in mind about this team is that they’ve gone through two roster changes in the last 3 months. Both value and JUGi have been replaced. The new players are cajunb and MSL. It remains to be seen what the team can do in this new formula. Many of the analysts are optimistic, simply because MSL is known to be an excellent IGL.

Team Renegades

You didn’t know the Renegades last year, the Renegades. When 100 Thieves decided to offer and simply steal the whole team, the organisation lost its whole list. Renegades in the new formula is a much weaker team than that which we have loved and admired. Take care when picking your bets on CSGO.

Team Heroic

At present, Heroic is ranked 16th in the international ranking, which means that they are very strong team for such an event. They will most likely be in the top four and may even win the title.


Virtus.pro is one of this event’s major sliding giants. VP was a huge unit previously. However, as in Dota 2, in the tier 1 division, they are now no longer relevant. What they can do in the face of enemies of stage 2 needs to be seen.

Another thing about Virtus.Pro is that it has an entirely new team. Just like 100 Thieves, the CIS organisation decided to make AVANGAR a bid that all its players could not decline and sign. If you do not follow the pro scene in 2019, AVANGAR was hugely successful and finished second in September at the StarLadder Berlin Cup.

VP is expected to do great things with this new roster and once again become a big name in CS: GO. Moving to the DreamHack Open Leipzig would be a shame anything less than 2nd.

Team Mad Lions 

Maybe MAD Lions isn’t a huge name in our minds, yet the squad is 18th worldwide. They’re not weak, therefore. Yet what they will do in the face of even more seasoned teams like Heroic and North needs to be seen.

Team C9

In the global ranking, C9 is currently number 17, and they should also have a shot. Yet their performances have not been fantastic in the last months. And if the team does not have the required experience, the likelihood of success fall like a rock. The lineup of C9 is completely new. So at this stage, I don’t see what they can do. Perhaps they are going to do better in 3 months. But I don’t give them a lot of opportunities right now.

Team Sprout

And we’ve reached Sprout now. This team is a brilliant AWP player, who was a monster esports player. There is also a very strong IGL, Spiidi, who plays for the team for over 2 years. But I don’t see good Sprout at this competitive

Betting Odds at DreamHack 2020

DreamHack is one of the most exciting tournaments for CS:GO and for those wishing to bet on the event for most exciting rewards.

These are the following odds offered by Betway;

  • Team North – 13/4 Favourites
  • Virtus.Pro – 7/2
  • Heroic – 4/1
  • MAD Linos 4/1
  • Cloud 9 – 15/2
  • Renegades 15/2
  • BIG: 16/1
  • Sprout 25/1

Betway esports is currently offering an 11/20 odds on Cloud9 vs Renegades. MAD Lions is the most likely to win, say Betway esports.

Remember in Valencia, only one of all the teams has won a DreamHack event this year, team North Fragsters, Heroic and North both locked up third and fourth over the year.

That said, this week in Valencia, North will be the choice of 8 teams to compete. Here, too, they’d be my pick. I assume the six teams with longer odds are much better. I think their shape is a little more unpredictable whereas G2 sports are a threat. Your last DreamHack win came in 2017 in Malmo.

Unfortunately, DreamHack has been lacking throughout the years in their choice in CSGO teams and not very known names. Although DreamHack are generally an exciting match and produce high-quality matches