VAR Dispute in Soccer Highlights how eSports Betting could Become a More Reliable Option

Sports betting is an age-old pastime of many who like to bet on certain events regardless of
whether they are interested in the sport in question. Even so, when bettors do stake on
matches, they are 70 percent more likely to watch the event that they are invested in. The
ability to bet on eSports is helping the viewership figures to swell, and turning it into a highly
lucrative industry. It doesn’t seem out of the question to suggest that eSports betting could
take over from traditional sports in the future, especially when bettors are witnessing
technological changes that make these sports more unpredictable.

Soccer fans are unhappy with VAR

In trying to make soccer a fairer sport, the developers in charge of creating game-changing technology have inadvertently made it more unpredictable for bettors. The Video Assistant Referee (VAR) was brought in to help the officials on the pitch deal with difficult decisions which may have been hard to spot at first glance. This includes circumstances such as fouls, handballs, and offside rulings. It is not in effect across every league in the world yet, but is being used for the first time in the English Premier League for the 2019-20 season.

Unfortunately, the new technology hasn’t had the desired effect and has actually made the sport even more divisive. The problem is, even though advanced technology is being used, the decisions still come down to human opinions. Some goals are being disallowed in certain games which may be allowed to stand in others. In addition to that, VAR isn’t being turned to consistently and is only coming into play if the referee on the pitch desperately needs it.

People who have been betting on soccer for years have had to try to adapt and change their tactics now that there is new technology involved. Using this sports betting guide can help with making bets, and some sites like Sportingbet even show soccer highlights. But with the increasing number of uncontrollable external factors within the sport, some bettors may be starting to consider moving from soccer betting onto something else.

Computer games have variables which are easier to calculate for bettors

One of the reasons why soccer has been such a popular sport to bet on is the fact that, by using research, bettors can put themselves at an advantage. The sport is particularly popular with Canadian gamblers, where some of the best teams include Toronto FC and Montreal Impact. Bettors take into account the team’s form, the line-ups, the opposition defensive stats, and the manager’s tactics, and can use these details to best calculate which team they should stake their money on.

An even higher level of detailed research can be done with eSports, where there are numerous calculable factors in play. There are also fewer extenuating circumstances to consider, unlike in soccer where there is a lot of subjective opinion from the match officials. For example, when betting on eSports, bettors have access to a wealth of knowledge that can assist them.

Bettors can look at the match history between teams and players, see the line-ups, check the maps being used within the game, assess the event’s format, use predictor information, and even look at the players’ social media accounts for any late developments such as sickness. A meticulous bettor could easily improve their chances of winning when betting on eSports.

As the competitive gaming scene gets bigger, it may begin to offer a better alternative for bettors who like to assess various factors in play when staking on events.