Team Gen.G to sponsor Beauty Cosmetics

Gen. G has partnered with Benefit Cosmetics, the Californian beauty company. They feature a series of weekly videos in an effort to link the female-identifying gaming community. It follows a previous event in 2018, in which they wanted to increase their presence in the world of gaming.

The initiative is intended to bring a group of female players together as well as excitement among esports. Women explore new possibilities in play and esports as streaming becomes more popular. In addition, Benefit can open doors to female pro gamers with Gen. G.

The weekly videos explore four female practitioners and streamers ‘ makeup routines. In addition, the 203,000 YouTube subscribers and 10,000,000 Instagram followers will pay attention to these videos.
Including the four guests:

  • Host: Eleanor Barnes,  
  • Kristen Valnicek
  • Gina Darling
  • Nicki Taylor
  • Gen.G Content Creator: Jayden Diaz

The web series, entitled “the Game Face,” is motto “where games and glam are almost one” and tracks the experience of every streamer through daily gaming and fashion. The host, Eleanor Barnes, will also accompany every guest and ask them about their gaming life. The first episode starts with Kristen “KittyPlays” Valnicek, head of the Gen. G New Games Initiative.

Lisa Li, Global Digital Marketing Director, Benefit Cosmetics, discuss the partnership in detail in a press release.
“Women represent nearly half the audience of games and watching. She said we are so happy to be able to share these episodes with the world of play and elegance. “I’m excited because Gen. G and Benefit work together to give women a sense of affiliation and community.” However, Benefit Cosmetics has not been participating for the first time in the esports world.

They sponsored the annual GIRLGAMER festival last year, which included competitive games and leading panellists from the industry. Our goal is in particular to recognise, thus encouraging all women marker athletes, particularly in the esports industry.

Find Game Face on the YouTube channel of Benefit Cosmetics. Yesterday, 21 January, is their first episode.