Overwatch’s Shanghai Dragon signs ‘Fearless’

After removing the off-tank Lee “envy” Kang-Jae, the Shanghai Dragons have announced the return of Lee Fearless’s main tank. The news comes just three weeks before the start of the Overwatch League, as Dragons reach Stage 3 with an almost full Korean roster.

“Hey. Hello. This time, I’m out of the team and I have chosen to retire. I’ve had a lot of hard work, I had plenty of fun, I learned a lot, I’ve envied in a Twitter post about four years of professional gaming. The Shanghai Dragons finish the contract with envy but declared that he was an experienced player, who played well in the playoffs. “I don’ts forget what I learned while being a professional gamer but I’ll learn something else now.” Fearless, on the other hand, played for Team CC in Overwatch Contenders, the Dragon Academy Club.

For the latter half of 2019, the 21-year-old joined them. After a poor start in the opening season, when the Dragons finished last with their iconic zero wins and 40 straight losses, this transition came about. Although not only Winston’s player can be attributed, he also joined Team CC to show him his skills.

After being defeated by flag gaming, team CC finished Chinese overwatch 3 of the 2018 Overwatch Contenders in 3–4th. But in its next year’s 5-8th ranking, the Chinese sporting organisation, with a 2nd place finish, was slightly weaker. His return to the Dragons in Shanghai is less an obstacle to contact. The CC, together with the first team of Dragons, played mostly with Chinese.

At XinYeFang Arena, in the district of Jing’an (Shanghai), the Dragons play their first games of the coming season against the Chengdu Hunters and Seoul Dynasty.