Multi-year partnership signed between Team Vitality and Corsair

Corsair has increased its reach as a gaming company over the last two years and has acquired Elgato Gaming, Origin PC and SCUF Gaming, just a month ago. This expansion continues today with the announcement that Corsair and Vitality are part of a multi-year partnership.

The Vitality team was launched in 2013 and is a major French franchise. The organisation features players from several games such as League of Legends, CS:GO, Rocket League and Rainbow Six: Victory. While part of the collaboration, Corsair goods will be fitted out both at the Vitality team’s offices in Paris and at the Stade de France community home.

Corsair also aims to contribute to the development of new peripherals based on its experience as professional players in Esport with Team Vitality.

The CEO of Team Vitality, Nicolas Maurer, said, “We’ve been glad to work professionally with Corsair on an ambitious project for both parties, built around a complete and multi-faceted activation plan.”

Corsair’s Marketing Director Lauren Premo has shared his passion for the new partnership, saying, “Team Vitality has consistently demonstrated its championship pedigree with major victories in the world’s most spectated games, such as CS:GO, and we ‘re ready to cheer them on as they win even more using Corsair gear.”