Changes to CSGO majors with new circuit qualifiers

Accorded to an HLTV report, Valve plans to make major changes to the official CSGO qualification system: global attack majors. This will conclude with the previous format when the last big welcomed 14 teams while the area minors were ten more qualified.

The new approach involves a series of points in which teams will work through a strong performance at multiple events in the previous months.

The top eight teams in this new system automatically qualify for the major’s Legend Round, while the next eight teams reach the competition’s Challelers Stage. With regional minor tournaments, the last eight teams are described.

This means that the Dota Pro circuit is a circuit that Valve uses to classify invites to the international circuit.

Such preparations will be applied for the CSGO project, which is still to be renamed by autumn 2020. The ESL One Rio Major, played in May, will be the first event in which teams can earn points. The ESL One Rio Major qualifying will be a success. The seeds for the fall of2020-major have not yet been revealed in other events.

Some welcome such changes, but some such as FaZe Clan coach Janko “YNk” Paunovic still have concerns. The new invitation system brings great changes to CSGO’s supervisors. He addressed the way the timetable could conflict with a planned team break between 15 July and 15 August for the Counter-Strike Professional Players ‘ Association on Twitter.

“Any change that makes more relevant recent results is good, but many issues remain. How are they going to calculate the decline etc? When are these LANs going to be? The main events have been changed to not have them immediately after the break. “Events of graduation are set for July and September.

Valve also invited tournaments organisers to provide venues for new events, which could lead to brand new tournaments for the remaining qualifying events.