Bukovel WePlay! Minor ‘Most-watched Minor in history’

The second minor on the Dota Pro Circuit in 2019 has been a huge success. WePlay! not only arranged a festival that fans loved, but also smashed all sightings and became the most observed minor in the history of DPC.

WePlay! Bukovel Minor was held in Ukraine from 9-12 January. This esports tournament provides a large $300,000 prize pool, thus providing incentives for many Dota 2 lovers to bet on Dota 2 with the many esports betting sites.

The WePlay! The previous Dota Summit 11 in Minor was completely broken down by Bukovel Minor and was even in a position to make the most of the great early events featured by popular teams as Natus Vincere in the finals.

According to esports maps, the tournament averaged about 93,000 fans and peaked at 233,000 during the grand finale in the series between Nigma and Royal Never Give Up. The final match was a big reason for the crowd jump, but also because of a combination of strong competing teams and a friendly show.

“One of the keys to WePlay’s achievement, the stellar performance of the team was Bukovel Minor 2020, “WePlay! Oleh Humeniuk, Managing Director of esports said a press release. “There was no creative limit and we used new technology. All who took part in the event love athletics, and the audiences thought it based on the results and reviews.”

The promotions team made remarks free during the show, making Walsch (the capitalist), Toby “TobiWan” Dawson, Jorien “Sheever” van der Heijden and others go totally wild during their time on stage. Everyone who has been participating in the event loves sports and going by the performance and reviews the crowd knew it. From the dance to the bizarre comments and an event between the English and Russian talent desks, WePlay! Did not hold back.

The Ukrainian tournament has a clear favourite, with Nigma the most likely team, as shown by ArcaneBet 3/2 esport odds. The citizens of Europe will benefit from their home pitch and have a stronger roster as a whole. For this team led by a compatriot and the winner of which is paying 7/2 by the same bookmaker, Ukrainian fans are likely to arrive.

The tournament itself had a lot from the world of Dota 2 because it was fun to see a small run so well but obviously quick. The event itself had a lot of positive feedback. The hard work the media professionals have done, though, has also led to this strategy. It has consistently demonstrated that it can bring people into good events.

WePlay has been watched over all channels for more than five million hours! DreamLeague Season 10 was mocked as the Minor Most Vigilant ever by Bukovel Small. The tournament’s grand finale culminates in the Na’Vi-Tigers battle with 228,707 fans.

The WePlay! The WePlay! Dota 2 Tug of War: Mad Moon is next to a tournament host to play in the $300,000 prize pool for teams including Team Secret and RNG from February 19.

Bookies like Betway esports were predicting the win of Gambit Esports at 3/10 by Betway. While Ninjas in Pyjamas were predicted at 9/10