Na’Vi’ set for $1.5million buyout from ForZe

Natus Vincere has been officially obliged, after citing an absurd price tag for Ze, to pay attention to another CS: GO roster, according to the NEL of 1PV, for Evgeniy ‘ FL1 T’ Lebedev.

While Na’Vi’s team is undoubtedly one of the world’s best Counter-Strike teams, Naâ Vi wasn’t able to pick up the grip on top of the list and conquer turnouts.

After a lot of speculation, the team ended up dividing up in September by adding the former Ladislav’ GuardiaN ‘ Kovács to their ranks, with Danylo’ Zeus’ Teslenko. However, Guardians and s1mple meetings have not worked as planned and, after reports say that Na Vi Juniors Player Rodion Fear Smyk had been replaced, the former FaZe Clan star appears to be replaced.

S1mple could be the world’s most successful CSGO player, but Na’Vi was still behind the top teams.

It seems that, however, after the organisation has been on the market to pick up a player from a CIS squad it will not be a permanent addition.

Na’Vi turned its attention, according to French insider NeL, to Zes 21-year-old FL1 T, but was told its full purchase price was about USD 1.5,000,000. “There’s another option now, Na’Vi drove off,” tweeted NeL. “It won’t certainly be a player for Ze or Gambit.” The forZe Twitter account, which disputed the tweet, fired a few tweets of their own –answered directly from NeL with the Breaking Bad gif from Huell who took a nap on their cash bed.

They followed by referring to their argument of “smoking crack” because the acquisition of NRG’s full roster from Evil Genius cost $3 million. “Good thing people believe in everything on the internet they read,” Ze said.

Although CS: GO insiders like NeL were well briefed in the past, teams deny their claims, even if insider claims eventually come true.

What Na’Vi is going to do to rework her roster remains to be seen as they might very well dip into their junior team, but it appears as if they want a player with a little more experience.