Call of Duty League teams up with custom sneaker brand

With just one week to go before the beginning of the first call of the Duty League season, the League announced an exclusive collaboration for certain shoes in the limited edition CoD League with shoe designer Salvador “Kickstradomis.”

Kickstradomis is known for his custom sneakers, but the CoD League has enlisted him to make special kicks for a limited crowd— including a special gift winner.

A photo warped this afternoon by the CoD League shows a few Kickstradomis behind-the-scenes shoes creating the logo of the league. The LIGHT’s Commissioner Johanna Faries has a pair of shoes.

Call of Duty is a one-of-a-kind, one-off sneaker set, size 10. On this page, you will enter to win. However, it’s unknown who makes the shoes or if they’re going to be sold for.

In the newly revealed jerseys of the CoD League, all white or black shoes would go well, all also black or white and would then be covered in different colours and logos.