sponsors Luminosity Gaming

Luminosity Gaming has become the new online casino funded sports team. The agreement is part of a relationship between PartyCasino.Fun and the Enthusiast Gaming Holdings that have light as their branch of esports.

Luminosity will have plenty of funds to compete in a competitive gaming market that is ever more costly. In turn, PartyCasino. Fun hope that a new generation of players will be more available.

The new partnership will be shown on the Luminosity Gaming Team jerky with the PartyCasino. Fun logo. This will ensure the logo of the online casino is evident through live streams, gaming competitions and the brightness shop.

The Toronto-based team of gamers is a highly qualified affiliate specialising in games such as Call of Duty, Starcraft, World of Warcraft and Overwatch. Through Luminosity in partnership, PartyCasino. The fun has said the offer “intakes new marketing chances” to reach the preferences of the company.

EGLX’s new partnership is also being promoted by PartyCasino.Fun at the 2019 Enthusiast Gaming Live Expo, EGLX, hosting a gaming lounge. The video gaming showcase takes place in Toronto for five years and kicks off on Friday 18 October for a weekend event.

The fun lounge will only be available for those older than 19 but will provide’ mutual access and a possibility for other groups of gamers.’ A number of polls will also be held that invite visitors to pick a location in a video game and a location between a true location and a real world. The results of the poll will be announced in December and the conclusions will be released in social media at Enthusiast Gaming with PartyCasino.Fun as a personal portal.

Enthusiastic gaming is one of North America’s biggest computer networks. In a number of areas, such as athletics, advertising and conferences, the company operates. It is clear that Enthusiast Gaming is a key player, with a strong net footprint of over 100 gaming websites and over 1,000 YouTube channels, with more than 150 million users.

The company has seven pro-gaming players, Luminosity and the Titans Overwatch side in Vancouver. The odds for many esports betting sites are already heavily highlighted by these organisations. The fact that PartyCasino. Fun sponsors part of Canada’s largest gaming event means that sports have a growing connexion with online gambling.

We have seen many such sponsorship arrangements between sports teams and platforms for online betting. Betway Esports has sponsored pro gaming sides such as Ninjas, MIBR, PSG.LGD and Pyjamas. Different content campaigns have been introduced for sites like Rivalry esports and GG Bet.