Fugly benched by Team Envy on new CSGO roster

On 15 January Envy on Twitter revealed that Jacob ‘Fuglty’ Medina would be dropped from the active roster of CSGO clubs. Fugly is actually a “restricted” free agent. The tweet also stated While Envy did not clarify the details, this probably means that the player has a buyout in place until the contract ends.

Envy was once a very effective counter-Strike: global offensive scene. The supposed rivalry between fugly and envy But the team is now preparing to rebuild from scratch. Noah “Nifty” Francis the current team captain is leading the rebuilding, which led to some friction among the other members of the team.
Most of the controversy occurred soon after Fugly’s retirement announcement when the player went on Twitter to share his side of the storey.

Fugly explained all the details about him in a TwitLonger article, as well as the alleged abuse. He addresses the need to relocate from his current home in Arizona in the first part of the post. At first, Fugly says, the team promised not to allow him to move to another location. He explains that this promise was a major part of his choice to join Envy.

Fugly continues on how he went throughout the off-season for a few months without much or no communication with the Envy Management. Fugly was advised he would really need to transfer, and he couldn’t get a solid answer to how much the company could support him financially, following several tweets from him. Several roster movements were also made during this time, including removal of Zachar “Eley” Stauffer and “Android” Fodor from Bradley. Fugly claims he was not previously aware of any of these moves.

So Fugly pointed out on Jan 13 that the manager was sitting down. His point was interpreted as follows: I was all jebaited for over a month, lied to, left behind on the backburner, and it ended like this after all.

How many of Fugly’s claims are true is difficult to say. After all, a storey always has two sides. We await the reaction from the Team Envy management at this stage.