Wanda Cinema Games and Super League Gaming collaborates to expand esports in China

US Super League online entertainment network has collaborated with more than 700 sports events in China with Wanda Cinemas Gaming.

Wanda Cinemas Games will host Wanda Theaters live competitions in several cities across the country and is a division of the Chinese film production company Wanda Group. The venues are transformed into a completely new sports environment, a unique game experience is planned.
Clash Royale, Minecraft, Fortnite and Super Smash Bros were owned by Super League Gaming. Examples of what will be revealed in the game tournaments at a later date.

“This accretive relationship has been a strategic necessity for Super League,” said the chairman and CEO of Super League Gaming Ann Hand, “to join forces with the world’s greatest entertainment company, Wanda, to offer these talented players quality play, activities and content to convert the scale of our good market.