TFT Mobile Expected to release March 2020

Since the release in June, Teamfight Tactics has been a huge success, adding millions of players to the stage and leading to the growth of autobattles.

Once again Riot hit Valve and drew a broad public that dwarfed Dota Underlords and Auto Chess alike. Its PC version has been featured on the annual League of Legends All-Star event with a number of tournaments. Yet Riot now aims to further extend the TFT and get the game handheld.

It’s the perfect small-screen game mode, and it wasn’t until Riot got along with the Valve and Drodo studio.

TFT Mobile-first revealed at the 10th Anniversary event of Riot, which will have all the functionality that fans of the game know and love from PCs but with iOS and Android compatibility. So when’s it going to come out?

TFT Mobile expected to release March of 2020

The arrival of Set 3 and TFT tablet in March 2020 is expected. The exact dates have yet to be released, but additional details will shortly be announced.