New 2020 League of Legends merch collection launched by Riot

Last week’s League of Legends 2020 ended, with many fans already starting to scale their ranks for the year. Nonetheless, Riot Games protected you for those fans who want to enjoy the season in style.

To mark the beginning of the 2020 season, the League maker dropped a new range of clothes into the game’s goods store today. New hoodies, T-shirts and two caps are included in the set.

T-shirts are available for $25 each in black (male and female) and navy and asphalt grey. On the upper right front of the jersey is a miniature league logo with a more elaborate seasonal pattern on the rear. A larger version of the League logo with the icons for each of the five positions is shown in the season edition.

The Jackets come in a similar number of colours, just like the t-shirts. To order for Riot to market its first trimmed Blazers, to black and storm grey, at $55, in addition to black, dark grey and maritime hoodies, as the entire range is not trimmed.

Riot offers two types of hats to cover the collection: snapback hats and daddy hats. The snapbacks come in black, marine and gold and white, selling for $30 each. The papa hats are available for $35, black and white, black and gold and sea. The League of legends logo is on the front of all sets of caps.

The full collection on the online merchandise store of the game can be found for League fans.