Latest CS:GO roster revealed by Tricked Esports

Earlier today, the Danish esports organisation Tricked Esport announced a return to the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Scene (CSGOs). Last November, the Tricked Organization left the stage when the former Tricked Roster left the Spanish Mad Lions organisation.

The star player of the latest Tricked lineup is Nicolai “Torben” Amorim. He is joined by his colleague Magnus “Toft” Toft from Söderberg & Partners. The pair was performed together in April 2019, at the 2019 Copenhagen Olympics, for a short period of time. The team was able to finish fifth/sixth in the field.

The second part is from the old Machina roster. The second part is tricked. The new all-Danish roster was joined by Oliver “Kwezz” Rasmussen, who competed on the Optic Gaming rosters shortly. The final two members of the new roster are Andreas Kirstein and Philip “Lucky” Ewald. This year the new team will have a great deal to do, but the fans are confident.

The team will be accompanied by Coach Philippe “Winspai” Mølgaard Ouabaid, in addition to the Danish 5 players competing on the roster. Winspai had been the mentor before the Tricked team, and before it began in January 2019 he was the Tricked Academy coach.

Morten “Phy” Jensen, the sports director of Esport, fooled, said about the new team as follows: “I am very happy with this new line-up. All the players on our priorities list have come to us. Both are characteristic and capable of doing it very much.

The slow but steady grinding is now started according to our success manual. Our collective goal is to make it worldwide in the top 30, and in twelve months ‘ time. For our CS: GO team 2020 is going to be an exciting year.

“We all look forward to seeing if the New Tricked Roster is up to expectations. At the Geeks Gone Wild event, Aalborg in Denmark, the team’s first official match will be. The event begins on January 24 and the final takes place on January 25. A minimum of 64 teams in a double-elimination format will compete.”