Xeta added to TYLOO CS:GO Roster

The Chinese sports organisation, TYLOO, has announced the addition of the newly retired Hansel “BnTeT” Ferdinand, Indonesia, to South Korean Seon-ho “xeta.”

TYLOO wrote in its social media post, Friday, “We are pleased to receive @OfficialXETA today as a new member of our CSGO team.” “It proved to be one of the strongest AWPers in Asia, and it is sure to bring greater diversity and stability to the squad.

In February Xeta joins the Team of our Kiev Gaming Hall. “BnTeT played on Thursday its last match in the IEM Katowice 2020 Asia Closed Qualifier for TYLOO, with a 3-0 Grand Final swept in the team by ViCi Gaming. BnTeT joins Gen. G Esports in North America.

Previously, xeta was played by MVP PK in South Korea where it was since June 2018. The AWP role will be played by the team.

In February, TYLOO comes back to action. In an attempt to qualify for Asia Minor Championship — Rio 2020, vpesports.com announces that it will start with a Bootcamp for the Greater China closed qualifier, scheduled for 7-8 March.