Team Triumph releases completed roster for Overwatch Contenders 2020

In order to finalise its 2020 overwatch season Contenders roster, Triumph has recruited yet another player. In January 2019, the North American gaming agency joined the Open Division of Overwatch in season 1 and retained its previous line-up of a few teams.

The lately listed roster for Contenders includes DPS members, Sam “Samito” Dawahar, Isaiah “Hydron” Rodriguez, Alex “BigALL,” Marconescu, off-centre Ilya “Txao” Makarov, tank, Otto “Milkyman” Saren, flex help Danny “awkward”

Samito and miserable both entered in the previous squad variations, the two playing in a’ down to joke’ band at the Breakable Barriers tournament in the Open Division.

As head coach, Andrey “FrAgOn” Katz, Jonathan “Jon”Tran and Sam” Natdoekje “Wilks, will be the coaching staff. In January 2019, Fragon joined Bye Week and Natdoekje started his Triumph career. Just Jon joined the latest line-up recently.

The roster replaces Rossell and Minjun “Htp” Kim, former rosters of Alex “Chopt.” Some moved to new teams such as Lewis’ Aether’ Parker, to Maryville Esports, LynnnnnX, and John ‘ iCy’ Kazura and Jørgen ‘ Decod to Myrlund’s Third Impact. Others changed their titles to new teams.

After tying Second Wind to 3-4th position in the previous line-up, the results were good in Stage 2 for Overwatch Contenders in the North America West Region. But the Gauntlet Tiebreaker could not pass.

Thankfully, NBA All-Star Kevin Garnett invested newly in Triumph Gaming during August 2019, which would allow it to take a leap in other competitors.