MiBR eliminated by Cloud 9 qualifies for IEM Katowice 2020

In the grand finale, Cloud9 secured MiBR to qualify for the IEM Katowice CSGO in 2020. After just one place was available for the National Team in the main qualification event, the IEM Katowice 2020 North America Closed Qualification has ended.

In the test, the currentCloud9 lineup amazed. When the C9 took part in its first match in 2020, the teams in Poland went on to beat each other. Before the finals from the top bracket, the team faced Riot Squad, INTZ and Complexity. It led the Americans in the best of the five series to achieve a 1-map lead over MiBR.

The last display was a good one-sided performance against the Brazilian side. MiBR started things on Train, its own map selection, with a narrow win, to make everything square on maps at 1-1. Nonetheless, that was not enough to close the gap. Overpass, a C9 map, was a nightmare for the Brazilians as Kemery, the Ian “motm” duet, went in 6th gear to close Toledo’s “FalleN,” at 16-4.

First up was MiBR’s do-or-die map. Inferno, their choice of the map was a bane for them. To floppy leads, Cloud9 powered forward to a win of 16-12, despite nearly half at 8-7 on their horror side.

In the best of five sets, Cloud9 defied MiBR with a 3-1 ranking. The former ATK lineup succeeded on its first outing, and at the end of February, we will see them at the IEM Katowice in Poland.

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