League of Legend’s Invictus Gaming announces 2020 roster

Invictus Gaming, the former champion in the League of Legends, today released his complete LPL roster for 2020. However, Yu ‘ JackeyLove ‘ Wen-Bo could not be seen.

The teenage Chinese AD carry played a key role in IG’s performance in the Spring and Summer LPL of the last year and helped lead the team through Worlds through the middle of the year.

The team collapsed in the 2018 Worlds, losing its solid foothold in the standings and dropped considerably to the MSI. The fall of North America’s Liquid team in the semifinals reversed them, causing a devastating effect on their team performance and finishing eighth in the summer.

If JackeyLove did not make this play, the team would have dropped to Top Esports in the 2019 LPL Regional Finals and would have missed Worlds narrowly. However, at Worlds 2019, the team came back and showed well, advancing to the semifinals before beating the tournament winners, FunPlus Phoenix.

Amid today’s news, it looks as if JackeyLove won’t be a member of the 2018 Worlds winning team any more.

The group has not yet announced the details of its exit, but rumours say that he is going on to the rival team Royal Never Give Up. If that is the case, then Jian “Uzi” Zi-Hao and Lu “Betty” Yu-Hung will have to share his playing time.

It looks like the loss of both IG and JackeyLove in this scenario.