Twitch bans Destiny for ‘explicit content’ for second time

Destiny, the popular twitch streamer, was blocked on the website last night.

Opposing the previous ban in November 2019, the explanation for Destiny excluded seems to be the same: explicit content is displayed during viewing. This time, for a few seconds, he flashed a nudity thumbnail.

Twitch has strict nudity, pornography or other sexual content policies. The platform allows for only educational sexual content. The Twitch Community guidelines read: “Nudity and sexually specific content are prohibited.” The Destiny’s suspension is not clear, however since Twitch shows only details for a streamer, it is expected that Destiny must serve at least three days, which was at the time of his exit, but that is not feasible in any situation.

“Sexually suggestive material or activity may also be allowed in instructional situations or for pre-approved content, in each case subject to additional limitation.” The Twitch rule says “Temporarily suspended between one and 30 days.”

But destiny could be a step towards being banned from Twitch permanently. According to Twitch’s Community guidelines, multiple suspensions can result in a constant decommissioning of the account.

“We report previous infringements and several temporary suspensions will result in an indefinite suspension,” reads this document.

Destiny’s channel was founded in November 2010 and has over 520,000 followers according to Twitch analytics platform, Sullygnome. In 2020, the League of Legends and Just Chatting was mostly broadcast by Bungie.