PUBG Mobile Season 11 update introduces new Royale Pass and ‘Domination mode’

The update to PUBG Mobile 0.16.5 will be launched on the day of January 9 and will be a new conquest mode with the Royale Pass Season 11 called Tomorrow. After a great deal of success, Tencent Devs have added the new feature from Call of Duty Mobile. ‘domination mode’.

In addition, the new update brings a new vehicle with some improvements to the Royale Pass to the battleground. Here’s a brief description of what players should look out for.

PUBG Mobile Update 0.16.5 introduces Domination Mode to the royal battle with a new Arena Map called “Town” to capture two bases out of three. Players are divided into Blue and Red teams. The team that first wins the round capturing the maximum number of bases.

In this map players can also access Super Weapons Crates which contain super weapons like RPG rocket launcher, grenade launcher, missile, etc.

The new update also includes a new training plan based on the Warehouse map, in which players can use all PUBG Mobile weapons.

The Royal Pass Season 11 is the theme of tomorrow’s operation, adding “futuristic” outfits, items and new reward missions.

The update of PUBG Mobile 0.16.5 also features an exclusive Vikendi Map Light Snowmobile. The light motorcycle is two-sized and quicker than the ordinary motorcycle. This makes it easier to take damage.

The update also reduces Groza’s damage rate from 48 to 45. This applies to the Royale Pass Team Arena missions. This game will also enable players to view statistics and highlights as a recap of the season.

After the players have updated their Mobile PUBG to the latest 0.16.5, they will also find some new security features and download status buttons.