TYLOO eliminated by ViCi in IEM Katowice Asia Closed Qualifier

VICI took TYLOO down to gain its place at Level One in a battle between two leading teams at the IEM Katowice 2020 Asia Closed Qualifier.

Thanks to an undefeated match, ViCi entered the grand final with the advantage of 1-0 map. During the qualification, ViCi lost a total of two maps.

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TYLOO, on the other hand, started to send down the Chinese team on the lower brackets with a victory over Mazaalai before losing to Bren. To set up a grand finale, TYLOO would bounce back down OneThree and R-Stars.

In his last game with Hansel “BnTeT,” Ferdinand had a+ 6 kill-to-death and average damage per round in the TYLOO match before he transferred to join his Gen. G teammates in North America. While these numbers are strong, Yang Yi’s Yi “JamYoung” posted a huge + 26 k / d and ADR 102 himself.

ViCi was going to win Mirage 16-12 after Overpass 16-7 to complete the series and BnTeT’s TYLOO streak.

The final ranking of the IEM Katowice 2020 Asia Closed Qualifier is: 1. IEM Katowice 2020 ViCi–2. SHAKER 3. Bren 4. Bren 4. 5-6 R-Stars. ATTENIONS 5-6. EVERYTHING 7-8. Red Alpha 7-8. Mazaalai Mazaalai