Things wanted in new Apex Legends 2020 update

Apex Legends will be one year old next month, and since its surprising arrival in February, there has been a great change in the battle royale.

To lovers of Apex, this last year was a roller coaster. Although there was plenty to rejoice, the Battle Royale was fairly disappointed. Respawn Entertainment seemed to be backlashed at every turn from the invasion by hackers to the fiasco of an expensive looter package. Yet Apex developer has proven the ability to address its shortcomings with regular updates and the launch of fan-requested features.

In 2019 there was no debating Apex that some suffering developed. However, given the distance the game has gone over in the last year, much is to be expected by 2020.

Weapons in teammate HUD

As Respawn attached his teammate’s equipment to the HUDs health bar, it was a major change in the quality of life for the royal war and allowed players to easily see the things their allies needed using a tap on their Tab key. The days when a team member wants a free loot — at least until it’s time to collect weapons or ammunition.

However, knowledge about the type of equipment or weapons that your team members carry is more than just a way to avoid pinging unnecessary items. Sometimes squads play around each team member’s loads; one or two players can carry snipers of a long-range while the other can be a Peacekeeper. Of example, not all players are following this strategy, but it will certainly be good to have guns on the HUD in the Battle of Royal beside the matching teammate.

The return of Kings Canyon

After its arrival on live servers, World’s Edge received mixed reactions from Apex community. Many people appreciated the transition, while others sneered on the open plains and the nearby towns of the world. Right after the release of the map, fans felt that there was no loot on the map and many people were wanting more of the matches drawn on the World’s Edge.

Respawn said that Kings Canyon will return sometime in the third season to the chart rotation. But the clock is ticking down and fans of the original map are starting to question where the island of Leviathan could be, just less than a month in the season.

More community engagement from Respawn

Amid August’s fiasco with the Iron Crown Set, the producer turned and almost left the radio silent. Respawn’s social media dedication dropped and the leaders of the company that became popular vanished after making a few words of preference with other publishers.

Respawn has still given fans with ways to stay linked to future updates and royal battle plans, but there is a lack of delivery. In addition to event and season views on the EA site, Respawn has created a Trello board and a new “Apex Devstream” web series to keep fans up to date. But we have only provided two episodes over four months of the show so far and the Trello page is seldom updated to patch updates.

Respawn has probably exceeded its limits, and since then, it is understandable that the developer has taken one or three steps to avoid crossing the line again. However, commitment is vital to building trust between player base and developer and a stronger foundation gives players a better experience in the long run.

Remove SBMM

At some point after Season 3, Respawn added skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) to the Game in October. It wasn’t until a few days after an update in October that the fans found that their casual matches had been full of “sweaty trickers,” battling players even in casual modes who had sweated themselves to be eventual Apex champions.

This comes back to the best Apex legend settings.

Senior system manager Eric Hewitt later announced the introduction of a match-making system, and supporters have since tried to persuade the development company Apex to remove the system entirely. Much earlier Apex pro Colby “dizzy” Meadows took the step last month to uninstall the matchmaking feature from games.

The Apex Group has gradually been disappointed with the matchmaking processes since the program was launched, but a few fans have found that SBMM is clearly lacking in the fight between the Royal Collection and the Holo-Day foundation.

There’s a “sweat” time and place, and it shouldn’t be good.

More than one new legend per season

Crypto released in October, but since the game has a new character it feels like centuries. The newness of new characters is quickly becoming more and more apparent if you are a friend that has played other online games more often than three to four months ago (league of legends, we are looking at you).

The next release of Apex’s character is probably Revenant. The Flight or Fright Collection event gave the fans their first official view of the spooky robot. However, before the release of the Halloween event, both datamines and back-scene posts by the Respawn staff had been leaked. There were a few extra characters included in details and leaks, which made fans excited to try out new identities and kits.

Additional quality content teases

Not only does it stand out the number of iconic launches. Crypto and World’s Edge, whether you love it or not, were undoubtedly Apex’s best releases in its short history merely because of how well they have been taught in the months before their publication.

Crypto started teasing with the shocking teaser in season two. The repulsor tower crashes and a wave of aggressive alien faune takes over this island. he steps on the screen and has a laptop in his laptop. Fans knew Crypto as an active participant in the game and how it was played before seeing his full identity. And with Crypto coming to market, he was actually able to see in the game what he does best: hacking. Soon after the announcement, viewers flocked to the deserted laboratories at Kings Canyon to find a new legend, struggling through their teeth and nails to see the mysterious man in motion.

The teasers, trailers and hints left by Respawn indicated not only Crypto and his skills, but also the latest cartoon on the game. In the months leading up to season three, viewers become sleuths, stringing photos together and uniting efforts across social media to get the points together. Respawn has successfully brought viewers to Season Three before its debut in October, generating a web buzz weeks before its publication.

Permanent solo and duo modes

In August, the game mode quickly became a favorite in the battle of the Royal Base and solos first arrive in Apex during the Iron Crown Collection case. Certainly, there have been certain problems— that’s, team members or players who are working together to kill other solo players. But the fashion was still loved by those independent few who wanted to play their matches.

Nonetheless, by changing the game modes, permanent game modes will add beautifully to the royal war. Apex saw a lot of time-consuming modes which changed how the game is played, and fans only got a classification mode and an upgrade to the Firing Range to permanent ones.