Cloud 9 stuns everytime with new CSGO roster

Although many have asked Cloud9 why a line-up composed of players that you’ve obviously not heard of. if you don’t follow this stage-2-NA scene, this team shows the famous organization’s commitment and the choice is not poor.

Earlier with ATK, in their final 10 series, the roster is 7-3. The mousesports (a best-of-one and best-of-three) and MIBR have suffered losses. Out of seven victories, Kemery and team, along with the new Complexity line-up, won last night the likes of North, G2, INTZ, Envy.

Oh, how talented disks, Aran “Sonic” Groesbeek, and Josh “oSee” Ohms are as actors have gone to us during this matchup. Though much still remains to be proved against higher levels of competition, this group has already won or fought valiantly against the teams which the previous line-ups of Cloud9 had difficulty in the past few months.

oSee has demonstrated that he can compete with many people in the North American region who had previously been seen as a step beyond the rest of the world. Just like the whole list, oSee is relatively silent because of the line-up at most qualifiers, MDL and other competitions of lower levels.

The match has a+ 49, + 68, and +58 death to death differential for the floppy, Sonic and oSee in all matches over the past three months. While these figures are impressionist, the truth is that all the five Cloud9 leaders have fallen into negative territory in the last three months on a whopping eight maps they played against teams that meet these requirements also poses some doubt when you eliminated DETONA and Singularity.

While Johnny “JT” Theodosiou begins to earn his credit as an in-game leader by helping the team to win over more or more top-level teams, his status is a bit worrying. He has collected a-143 k / d differential, 129 less than his nearest team-mate against all competition for the last three months.

There’s no need for this, though, to my plea for its withdrawal. This statistic line lines up quite well with that of Finn “karrigan” Andersen, and has shown on several occasions that his mind is worthwhile even though he is not the best fragger or the best fragging leader. It should be remembered, of course, that although the stat lines suit quite well, Karrigan plays with many more top teams.

When JT will creatively continue to improve his squad and drive them into more and more outstanding successes, it is needless to complain about his advantage to the team.

In order to conclude things, this Cloud9 decision may prove to be a better pickup for the organization than many others have credited (though it is hard to blame doubtful decisions beforehand). The potential for a large upside in a young, improved roster and, in view of the progress of the roster, it is difficult not to see it.