Want to be a PUBG Mobile beta tester? This is how

PUBG Mobile looks for beta testers before anyone else to see new features in the game. Selected beta testers will have access to beta versions of upcoming updates to check for bugs and provide Tencent with feedback.

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Players must fill out a form here to register for PUBG Mobile beta testing. The form contains 15 questions which fans should reply to for beta testing registration. Selected users will then have the ability to maintain the beta before its current release. You can find the registration form here

The questions begin with the registrar’s age and then with his level of account. User IDs and usernames are required to be completed by players. You can find the user ID in the PUBG Mobile datacenter menu tab.

In these three seasons, players are asked to fill their top ranking throughout PUBG mobile, and also join what season they first started to play. The next questions in form will include hours spent playing PUBG Mobile within one week and whether a player signed in to the game in the last seven days.

The explanations why registrars want to apply for the beta are also questioned. The last questions in the form include the registration process and application interface for the game and the Registrar’s e-mail address, in order to reach Tencent, if chosen for beta testing.