Team North trolled by mousesports following rebranding

Yesterday North removed all of its social media accounts for rebranding purposes as it seemed.

Every official trace of the Danish organisation, which led many to feel that the organisation was dissolved, was removed from the Internet. A few hours later, North announces its plan to restructure its online presence in an intentioned manner, most of which were superficial changes to date, such as the introduction of a new logo.

Moussports viewed this as an opportunity to attack this rebranding with too solid a troll. How to erase all tweets for a brand? You read their tweet’ (asking for a friend)’ Even though they did not mention North, the Danes were at the crosschairs, it became clear as a crisp spring morning.

In truth, such rebranding measures are not visible in esports where an organization’s entire online presence including YouTube videos, tweets and all content has been removed. In the coming weeks, North has expected us to hear news of their tweet, explaining why.