Asus reveal new 360Hz gaming monitor

Asus and Nvidia recently announced their 360Hz G-Sync compatible monitor, although players are still fully satisfied with their 240Hz monitor. Asus ROG 360 is the monitor. The Asus ROG 360 is designed exclusively to provide a competitive game, given its higher refresh rate. Nonetheless, gamers need a very powerful graphic card to take advantage of this refresh rate.

See the video below, the Asus ROG 360 can appear to be overcrowded in paper, according to current trends. Once, however, we thought everything over sixty fps was overcrowded. Although in single-player games you can not achieve any significant advantage, the display can potentially be useful for MOBAs and opposing shooters.

With regard to Asus ROG 360, Nvidia says that the monitor can show a frame every 2.8ms, leading to clarified image and super fast reaction time. The monitor supports a technology called Nvidia G-Sync that prevents screening in games.

The Asus ROG 360 has a 24,5 “1080p monitor, when talking about specifications. While it may be the majority of people are interested in this resolution, it is important to understand that higher resolutions can have a significant negative effect on framerates only. Nvidia recommends the monitor to stand out when combined with RTX series graphics cards.