Fred Done from Betfred backs new Esports publication ‘GGIntel’

On Tuesday, Fred Done, founder of the British-based gambling giant Betfred, announced his GGIntel investment, a new Manchester-based business focusing on the emergence of news, entertainment and media on sports.

It comes as many multi-millionaires and businesses take interest in esports betting, the new ‘sports betting’ of the GEN-Z/Millenials generation.

This move marks a new course for the designer and estate Mogul in Manchester, who aims to take advantage of the growth of esports.

Video game rivalry has developed since the beginning of 2010, with mega-brands such as Red Bull and ESPN being backers of the multiplayer online fighting arena (MOBA) and real-time strategy (RTS) gaming tournaments including games including League of Legends, Super Smash Bros, Counter-Strike and Overwatch.

mercIn addition, through his recent JDX events in the UK, JD Sports took a serious interest in the esports industry. The global audience of esports is estimated to be 454 million, with over 1 billion dollars in revenue. By 2020, over 600 million esports viewers are anticipated.

“I am glad to have launched GGIntel in one of the worlds fastest growing and exciting industries, commented GGIntel Managing Director Chris Young. The objective of GGIntel is to be the world leader in providing sports information and education through a transparent and in-depth approach to content produced and written by experts.

Fred Done, a UK’s successful businessman, added: “Esports is only one way forward and it’s up, and I’ll be really excited to be involved with GGintel. We already have a blind start, and we’ve just begun.”

“Streaming media channels such as Youtube and Twitch, which are about 85% male and 15% female between ages 18 and 34, are most popular with the sporting crowd. Major brands are beginning to take on the trend, with increasing amounts spent in sponsorships including Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz, T-Mobile and Nike. The retirement of commercial stadia is predicted to be commonplace in mobile esports.