GTA 5 Online’s newest content update features ‘Amphibious’ ATV

GTA Online’s update is a strange one, off-road vehicles and holiday-spieling activities are not over yet. The GTAO Event Bonuses and new products comprising of a new amphibian ATV truck, a new paint job for the car which looks like a gift wrap, and several missions that are given two to three awards.

The big new aspect of the GTAO workshop is the Zhaba Rune ATV, a stunning off-road ride with its massive tires. What the “amphibious” term means, we’re not quite sure. Is it like those duck things actually floating? Or do the tires allow the driver to cross mud and sand more easily? A Rune Zhaba must be picked up by players to find it out.

Unfortunately, a repetitive dimension is taken with it in the new year. The real-world holidays have stopped and the time has come to return to work. In making GTAO workers more profited, Rockstar is seeking to make the reality a little palatable. Playing Hunt the Beast, Castle King or Criminal Damage would award three times as much as normal. In the meantime, the company wars and bunker episodes pay twice.

Probably a long way from GTA VI. Fans of Rockstar should rest assured that the company really likes GTAO. The long-term plans of the organization that remain a mystery, but their current offers are better.