CSGO’S Team Sprout signs ‘Oskar’ to roster

Amid a fairly uneventful year in 2019, the CS:GO squad Sprout announced the signature of the former HellRaiser and AWP player Tomáš “oskar” Š5-0stný.

“This is a great pleasure to invite into the Sprout family the Czech CS:GO prodigy Oskar and put an exceptional player to our team,” says Sprout in his message. “We show them what you have, Ahoj Tomáš!”

The rest of 2019 was spent on HellRaisers by Oskar, but the team was not able to do so well at the turnouts it played in. The StarLadder Berlin Major was Oskar’s last tournament, and his team finished 1-3 during the New Challenger Round. The team was flawlessly resisted by FURIA Esports, AVANGAR and Team Vitality.

The months after HellRaisers left Oskar, he wanted to find a team immediately, but after the Major he couldn’t practice much. It was a bit difficult for him to return from these circumstances, but his will to win and compete pushed him forward.

“It was a tough time, I even had a mission that took an extraordinary turn to get me here,” Oskar said in a HLTV interview. “I wondered maybe it would still have been worth playing but I knew that I was not going to give up quickly.” Sprout will appear at the 2020 Leipzig DreamHack Open. On Friday, January 24th you will watch the debut of Oscar with the band.