Fortnite’s Epic Games continues Holiday sale for another week

The calendars could read in 2020, but the Epic Games have been still alive. For anyone of you who skipped Epic’s 2019 holiday, don’t be scared! You can still save for another week for all your favourite games! The final sale of last year was extended for a week in Epic Games Store to be ringed with joy in the new year.

Although not all of the same free games or discounts are included, selected best sellers from the bonanza blowout of last year are reduced to 7 January 2020. Epic was also eligible to use the same $10 coupons up to that same day. Which ensures that if you use the saved coupon voucher you will get the newly released Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order for $39.49.

It is a good way to give people who have been busy during the holiday a chance to add some new games to their libraries. With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare release at the end of 2019 nothing was going to happen, you won’t even have to spend so much to see everything that was planned for that year.

It would be crazy to mention all titles, as they are set out in the shop tab. I am shocked to see Ghost Recon: I thought it would be quite worth it if I knew how bad that is, but I suppose it is a fair price of $13.99 (with coupons). The “Premium Pack” was better than falling $119.99 when the game came into being.

What’s more disappointing is that only a few Indians discounted sports.┬áJohn Wick Hex is one of the sleepiest of 2019 sports, but he isn’t on offer. In view of the fact that you can always use your $10 coupon, that is half the price. Nonetheless, producer Mike Bithel did an excellent job with the game and everyone who is a movie fan will give it a go.

In any case, it’s your last chance to play some of the biggest games of 2019 at a low price. Before Steam launches the summer later the year we will not see rates this low.