Dota 2 had a small New Year’s Eve update

You probably missed this small patch, which was introduced on Dota 2 shortly before 2020, because you did not pay very much attention to all the patches going live for games on New Year’s Eve.

The upgrade was not widely published, as only major changes were actually implemented on a few features and a “Frostivus is Over” automated endpoint enabled, which will close down all its seasonal material on January 2.

The second major change from the minor upgrade is to improve the skills of several heroes to reveal their actions in guides. This is a list of the heroes and capabilities that have updated their behaviour, and that can all be acquired by the Aghanim Scepter.

  • Pudge’s Eject
  • Templar Assassin’s Psionic Projection
  • Lycan’s Wolf Bite
  • Ogre Magi’s Unrefined Fireblast

In addition to the event finish and the behavioural guides, a few animations were also made with the most noteworthy being the muzzle flash of Snapfire as it struck her screen shotgun. Phantom Lancer, Pudge, Terrorblade and Void Spirit were also reprocessing certain particles for simple animations and assaults.

This is not the most dramatic redesign, but it shows that the finer facets of Dota are still being taken into account during the holidays. After the WePlay will probably be the next big patch! Bukovel Minor starts on 9 January and ends on 12 January.