CS:GO Enters 2020 with record breaking numbers

CS: GO finished 2019 with high average recurring players and strong month-to-month rise.

At the end of 2019, CS:GO brought great news— the game continues to grow every month. The average number of CS:GO players is recorded. The highest since the game was released in December 2019 7 years ago.

The average player count in CS:GO was over 456,000 in the last month, breaking all previous records, according to Steamcharts.com. During the last three months, the average number has increased and with the current Shattered Web activity, its growth has risen further. Recurrent figures start in the first days of January.

Although the number of top players is still undefeated as of April 2016, the increase is great news for lovers of CS: GO with CS: GO and the final part of MLG Columbus Major.