CSGO’s ‘N0thing’ calls out Valve for not using 128tick matchmaking

Dexerto.com reports that Cloud9’s ex-Pro Jordan’s Gilbert n0thing has reportedly declined Valve’s choices which weigh on the fact that Valve is still backing its flagship FPS Title: CS:GO with a combination of 64 Tick Servers. On the other hand, the 128 tick servers supported by renowned third-party technology firms such as ESEA and FACEIT represent a lot of gameplay improvements.

Earlier when such purchases of 128 Tickrate servers in the matchmaking pool by others had been made, Valve took revenge by claiming they wouldn’t try to change the supposedly, since the game still couldn’t run more than 100 frames per second.

In-Game CSGO Observer also expressed his thoughts on his twitter next to n0thing, “I know I’m beating a dead horse, but it’s crazy to me that CSGO matchmaking still isn’t 128 tick rate yet. If a new player was watching a Valve Major and they watched their favourite player line up smoke and throw it and then they go try it themselves in MM, it wouldn’t land correctly”

In addition, some fans proposed that countries such as Russia, India and other areas such as Turkey should have servers that separate the player base so that the player’s splitting processes can be made clear. ESEA, FACEIT and the CEVO have 128 Tickrate servers around the globe since the last decade, yet their environment is accompanied by the fact that’ their services are paid.’ By contributing to this problem, prius and n0thing could make some changes that would certainly have been brought in by Valve, fingers crossed.